Cal North CYSA - District 8
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Next Board Meeting

July 28

                          Manteca Senior Center
                          295 Cherry Lane

                          The meeting is in the
                          South Conference room.
                          When entering front doors,
                          the room will be directly
                          in front of you.
  Board Meetings

4th Thursday Of The Month

January, March, May,  July, August, September, October

3rd Thursday Of November

     November meeting is annual board dinner meeting. 

Meetings start at 7 PM.

2016 Meeting Dates

Jan 28                Aug 25
March 24            Sept 22
May 26               Oct 27
July 28               Nov 17

District VIII Board of Directors
 Name Email
 District VIII Commissioner
 Sue Gonzales  (209) 824-2472
 Past District Commissioner
 Bob Asklof  (209) 401-3113
 Assistant Commissioner
 Hervi Rualo  (209) 596-6940
 Registration  Shirley Thompson  
 Secretary  Shannon Gonzales  (209) 823-9890
 Treasurer  Nancy Evans  (209) 333-6743
 Coaching Director
 Brian Orr  (209) 602-4357
 CNRA Referee
 Doug Chard  (209) 603-3549
 Youth Referee Administrator
 Lou Toste  (209) 765-1185
 Rules & Revisions
 Peter Kilpatrick  (209) 402-2350
 Recreation  Jack Smith  
 TOPSoccer  Carolyn Rafferty  
 Dennis Olson League
 Kaercher League
 Frazier League
 Carolyn Rafferty  
 Olympic Development
 Sue Gonzales  (209) 824-2472
 CCSL & ST Premier League
 Ann Orr
 (209) 602-4357

 Bill Meyer League
 Ann Orr
Shirley Thompson
 (209) 602-4357

 Cup Committee
 Roberto Gonzales  (209) 969-5424
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