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Jim Frazier League

Schedules, Tournament, Maps, and Contacts...

All red card reports and player passes must be sent to
Carolynn Rafferty
2168 Ashley Lane Tracy
Tracy, CA  95377

Important reminder:  Teams who violate the District 8-pt goal Spirit Rule shall be subject to discipline.  At a minimum, the Coach shall receive a one game suspension for the first violation; any subsequent violation(s) shall be subject to increased discipline.

Red Card Verification Report

Reminder: Frazier League
Cut of date to play U19 is you have to be 18 or younger by 31st July.





18th Annual Jim Frazier League 2013/2014


Games Length - 35 minute halves, 5 minute half-time


 The Jim Frazier League is a District 8 traveling league for Under-17 and Under-19 boys and girls. It is for high school age players not on a CYSA Class 1 team in the current seasonal year.  Please advise me by November 15th of interested teams.   


For a complete set of specific rules please refer to CYSA/USSF with the exception of the 8 goal spirit rule.


                       Jim Frazier League Rules

Player Eligibility Policy
     1.  The Jim Frazier League is primarily for players who fall into the U15 to U19 age
     2.  A player who is U14 but is a registered High School student may request to play
     3.  Players who are registered on a CYSA Competitive team registered at Silver or
          above are excluded from participating in JFL.

Playing Rules
CYSA / FIFA rules should govern the playing of all games, unless the exception is listed
     1.     The Spirit Rule
          The final score of a game should have a differential of eight (8) goals or less.
     2.     Substitutions
          A team has unlimited substitutions during a game.


  ·    Note: A minimum of 4 teams in each gender is necessary for league play.  May need to
       combine age groups depending on interest.



Games are played throughout District 8. Each League that rosters team/teams, must supply a minimum of 1 field per 3 teams registered for scheduling. Please submit field location, map, and any date conflicts at the field when rostering teams.  Fields must have rest rooms. Host teams must provide USSF or High School referees.


 Playing Venues

 City  Location
 Tuolumne  Sonora High School (Dunlavy)
 Manteca  Northgate Park
   Woodward Park
 Calaveras  Toyon Middle School
 Linden  18100 E. Front Street
 Stockton  Arch Road
 Modesto  Mary Grogan Sports Park
 Turlock  Turlock Regional Sports Park
 Ebbetts Pass
 Brett Harte High School
 Atwater  Joan Faul Park
   2025 Woodside Court
 Merced  Merced Sports Complex
   Merced High School














 Entry fee to be set by September 1st 2013

The team entry fee is a non-refundable $425. This fee covers league and tournament costs. A refundable forfeit fee of $125.00 per team is required. Forfeits are assessed at $50.00 for the first forfeit and $75.00 for the second. A third forfeit disqualifies the team. A forfeit is fewer than 7 players 15 minutes after game start time.


 To avoid forfeits and have a viable team, 16-18 players per team are strongly recommended.  A 22 player roster is permitted; however, there is a maximum of 18 players active per game. 



  REGISTRATION: An initial roster (at least 11 players) with player passes and proof of high school attendance for U-14 players (copy of student card, etc.) must be mailed to the District 8 Registrar.


 TEAM ENTRY: Entry must be postmarked by November 15th,  on the League Entry Form accompanied by fees, field availability dates and field maps.  Make checks payable to District 8 Spring League.  Mail entry forms to league coordinator Carolynn Rafferty,  2168 Ashley Lane, Tracy, CA 95377


Game Dates

December 14th
December 21st
January 4th
January 11th
January 18th

Tournament January 25th and 26th

The boys tournament will be held in Stockton, at the Arch Road Sports Complex.


              Tournament Placing

                        Boys Tournament Placings

1st  place - Calaveras
2nd place - Tuolumne
3rd place -  Stockton 2
4th place -  Modesto 

                        Girls Tournament Placings 
1st  place  -  Modesto 2
2nd place - Merced 1
3rd place - Calaveras 1
4th place - Manteca 2

The girls tournament will be held at the Mary Grogan Soccer Complex, in Modesto.

This is Modesto's new soccer complex and
there is a $5 fee for parking.

Season Schedule

Tournament Schedule

Tournament Rules

If you have questions email Carolynn at:
Cell# 209-740-3421

Frazier Coordinator
Important Rule Reminder -
8 pt Spirit Rule applies to the J Frazier League program.  The first violation for a team exceeding the Spirit Rule point rule shall be a 1 game suspension for the team's coach.  Subsequent violations may result in an increase in the number of game suspensions and further discipline as determined by the program director.
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