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A note from Shirley....

I am going to take the time to highlight some of the issues and such that was brought out in the meeting.


1.        Registrars learned how to make the teams for rec even and how not to break the rules on stacking, core groups and requests. See PIM 00-3 C.

2.      All coaches passes for 09/10 will be highlighted in Blue.

3.      No add forms required anymore. Transfer forms gone over.  Accepting league starts process. The forms may be downloaded at the district website or CYSA website.

4.      Went over drops that the parents and coaches will not authorize.

5.      Adult disclosures to be downloaded and signed and sent to me.  No copies for Leagues.  Do not make copies.  Coaches are not to have copies.

6.      Authorized users of League One.  (2) per league.  Signatures to be on file with me.

7.      All dates for fines and deadlines.

8.      What will be in the coaches packets for registration and playing seasons.  Some are still carrying birth docs.  That will stop.

9.      Acceptable pictures.  They will be mailed back if they are not right this year. 

10.   Mother's birthdate in the appropriate place for identification of player(s).  No more 9999 numbers.  Those will also be sent back.


Let me know if you have any questions.  Some of the new registrars are going to be a buddy with the experienced registrars.  Also the rules and registrar packet will be online. So there will be no excuses this year for any of you and the coaches.




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